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courtreporter said Mar 31, 2009
Time for the weekly contest.    
For this week's contest
First Prize will be 250 PN points.  
Second place will receive:  A small package of FPC's.     
I thought for this week I would add a 3rd place winner too.  Why not?  Third place will win $50 in random manufactuers coupons.   
The package of FPC's this week will include:  
SC Johnson Coupon - good up to $6 for Bon Ami, Scrubbing Bubbles, Windex, Fantastik, Shout, or Drano   Free Wisp Flameless Candle  
2 Free Glade Plug in Oil Warmer or Scented Gel  (Coupon is good for either one)   
Free Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel  
Free Sense and Spray Refill (will also throw in the $5 off Sense and Spray Holder)   
To enter this contest all you have to do is post what coupons you have used lately when out shopping and where you have used them.  This might give the rest of us some ideas on what is out there.   
If, by chance, you were unable to use any coupons recently, don't worry, just tell us that and you will still be entered.  No one is left out.   
There will be two winners randomly drawn.  There is a maximum of 1 entry per person per contest.  I, of course, will not be entered into this contest.  The contest will start now and end April 5, 2009 at midnight.   
March 23-29 Contest Entrants are:
1.  Nicjosemm
2.  Casperinbc
3.  Moveablerainbow
4.  Nutty Nelly
5.  Snow Lady
6.  Whuang
7.  Smartnsexy
8.  Emilyb
9.  January Girl
10.  The Handler
11.  Fichter
12.  Purdy
13.  Nijmeh
14.  Cenyasmom
15.  Silverweave
16.  Wghutton
And the winners are:
            Research Randomizer Results 1 Set of 2 Unique Numbers
From 1 to 16 -- Unsorted Job Status:      
Set #1:  4, 6
Congratulations to
1st place winner - Nutty Nelly
2nd place winner - Whuang

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nutty_nelly said Mar 31, 2009
Woohoo! I finally won something! :)

nutty_nelly said Mar 31, 2009
Cool contest!
Hmm.. I've been using so many coupons lately, it's really hard to remember them all. On the plus side, my credit card bill was at an all-time low last month, so I must be doing something right. :D Some recent coupons that come to mind are:

$1 off Lysol - Bought $1.38 Lysol wipes (35 count) and ended up paying $0.38
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel FPC - self explanatory
$2 off 2 different Mr Clean products - Bought $2 Magic Eraser (2 count) and $2 Multi Surface Cleaner (800 ml) - ended up paying $2 for both
$1 off Corn Flakes - Got them on sale for $2.97 (750g I believe) - paid $1.97
Ocean Spray FPC - Got a 3.98 L 100% Juice Blend bottle for free
$0.75 off Mars Multipack - Got the $1.97 4-pack for $1.22
$1 off Muslix - Got the $2.97 box (450g) for $1.97
Herbal Essences FPC - self explanatory
$1 off Royale TP - Got 32 rolls on sale for $5 - paid $4

Food Basics
$1 off Astro - Got 750 ml Astro on sale for $2 - paid $1

smartnsexy said Mar 31, 2009
Congrats Nutty Nelly & Whuang!!!!!

The most recent coupons I've used are the Michaels 50% off one on cake supplies!! (At Michaels of course!)

I've also used the FPC on Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner at Wal-Mart

And like NN ^^ I used the $1.00 Astro coupon I got a couple weeks ago on Astro Yohgurt (not on sale) at Zehrs.

shaynajaymie said Mar 31, 2009
Well I've been using the Micheal's 40% coupons like crazy. With the wedding coming up they've come in very handy! I use the ones that come in my flyer and most of my friends give me theirs and if I need more I go online and print some. Since they are only good for one item I make a lot of trips to Micheal's!

JanuaryGirl said Mar 31, 2009
Mmm pizza coupons $1 off Ristorante at Loblaws sweet deal
$1 off Royal TP Shopper's for 3.99 awesome deal (bought 3 packages - stocked up for the year!)
Garnier Nutrisse various coupons at Wlamart Saved $4 & $2 off when items were on sale fro $7 to $12 (looove the face scrub, toner, hair mask...darnit love it all!) Am stocke dup for the rest of the year!

Woo Hoo It's been a good month!

nicjosemm said Mar 31, 2009
The coupons i have used,basically today are,1.50 off schnieders packed meat(used at food basics $1.00/package.4 coupons 6 pkgs meat=free
He-at RCss 1.88-.50 save.ca and some FPC
Gillette fusion5.00 at rcss 7.49-5.00
Gianttiger eggos 1.79-1.00 couponx3
Pharmaplus FPC Pledge plus filled out try me free mir =made 4.99x2
Walmart cottonelle wipes 1.17-1.00 coupon=.17x6
RCSS olay botanical 1.24-2.00coupon save.ca
Glade spray bogo saved .87
glade air freshner bogo saved 1.00-zellers
Old elpaso bu2 get free ground beefx2 save 8.00
mccain buy 4 save $4.00
Lays buy 3 save 4.00 used at food basic and pharmaplus

That's is just the start,too much to list but you get the jist.

sleo84 said Mar 31, 2009
These were all at superstore:
Royal 24 db rolls $7.98 - $2.00 coupon
Schnieders turkey $2.47 - $2.00 coupon
Side Kicks $0.97 - $0.25 coupon
pampers eco pack $28.88 - $4.00 coupon

Scrubbing bubbles & Toilet Duck 2/$5.00 - bogo scrubbing bubbles & $1.00 coupons

silverweave said Mar 31, 2009
I used the buy 2 get 1 free HE, Dan-Active (1.00 off), and Cold-FX ($4 off) coupons at Shoppers Drug Mart recently.

emilyb said Mar 31, 2009
On my latest No frills trip I had FPCs for Herbal Essences, a Dole Salad Kit (which made both the DH and I sick to our stomachs, btw, UGH, no freebie is worth puking for!), Tide laundry detergent and Danone DanActive drinks.
Then to the PetSmart to get free 5-lb bag of Hills Science Diet for the Beast.

Overall a good $35ish worth of free :)

casperinbc said Mar 31, 2009
Congrats Nelly and Whuang:) Great contest Kim:)

I have used the Herbal Essence Freebie Coupon, SC Johnson for free bottle of Fantastic and free bottle of Windex and Free Satin Skin Shaving Cream. $1.00 Sunrype Juice, there are so many but this is what I remember.

fichter said Apr 1, 2009
Congrats Nelly and Whuang.

I'm travellin so in coupon withdrawal. Home again in a few days.

snowlady said Apr 1, 2009
Congratulations Nelly & Whuang on winning the Contest!!

Used the $1 Kozy Shack pudding coupon at Metro
.50 Cent Puffs Tissue coupon at Walmart
$1 Melitta Coffee Coupon at Sobeys
.75 cent Melitta Coffee Filter at Sobeys
$2.50 Electrasol Coupon at SDM
$5 Robacet Platinum Coupon at SDM
$1 Peptobismal Coupon at SDM
.75 Splenda Coupon at SDM
.50 Dawn coupon at SDM

whuang said Apr 1, 2009
Wow ~ I won... thank you everyone! :)

For this week's contest, I just used a $1 off coupon on Royale bathroom tissue in Superstore tonight.

wghutton said Apr 1, 2009
the coupons I used lately are

at extra food, FPC for windex, pledge, danactive, nabob coffee, aveeno bodywash,herbal essence shampoo, glad trash bags- these saved me over $60

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