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PN Coupon Contest April 6-2 Contest - WIN PN POINTS OR AN EASTER BASKET

Winners of March 3-April 5 contest winners announced
courtreporter said Apr 6, 2009
Time for the weekly contest.      
For this week's contest   First Prize will be 500 PN points.    
Second place will receive:    An Easter Basket filled with Easter goodies and of course coupons.   
To enter this contest all you have to do is tell us about what your long weekend and easter plans are.  Simple enough?     
There will be two winners randomly drawn.  There is a maximum of 1 entry per person per contest.  I, of course, will not be entered into this contest.  The contest will start now and end April 12, 2009 at midnight.   
March 3-April 5 Contest Entrants are:
1.  Nutty Nelly
2.  SmartnSexy
3.  ShaynaJaymie
4.  Janury Girl
5.  Nicjosemm
6.  sleo84
7.  Silverweave
8.  Emilyb
9.  Casperinbc
10.  Fichter
11.  Snowlady
12.  whuang
13.  wghutton
14.  Purdy
And the winners are:
Research Randomizer Results
1 Set of 3 Unique Numbers Per Set
Range: From 1 to 14 -- Unsorted  
Job Status:       Finished
Set #1:   8, 14, 12
Congratulations to our winners
1st place winner - Emilyb
2nd place winner - Purdy
3rd place winner - whuang

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snowlady said Apr 6, 2009
Congratulations Emily, Purdy & Whuang on your great contest win!!!

emilyb said Apr 6, 2009
WOW! Thank you so much :) I feel lucky!

whuang said Apr 6, 2009
Nice, I won again, thank you! :D

casperinbc said Apr 6, 2009
Congrats Emily, Purdy and Whuang:):):)

nutty_nelly said Apr 6, 2009
Congrats, peeps!

fichter said Apr 7, 2009
Congrats Emily, Purdy & Whuang - way to go.

purdy said Apr 7, 2009
Thanks for the contest!!It's pretty cool to win something!!-Purdy

courtreporter said Apr 8, 2009
Purdy, I sent you a PM for your address. |I can't send anything to you until you provide that to me

courtreporter said Apr 8, 2009
Contest now posted

The Handler said Apr 8, 2009
Congrats emily, purdy & whuang!

Plans for the weekend? LOL.....well besides spending time on PN:D .....I have 1 dinner invite and 1 lunch invite and expect to see a whole lot of family. Don't have to travel anywhere so no traffic jams to fight:)

nutty_nelly said Apr 8, 2009

Cool contest!
My birthday is this Saturday and it's a bad one (30th... eek!). My parents and brother are coming over, so we will go out for lunch. Naturally, I have already scoped out all the places that will give me a free meal, so it's a toss up between Boston Pizza and Imperial Buffet. Should be fun!



snowlady said Apr 8, 2009
Happy 30th Birthday Nelly!!!

Now to enter the contest, this weekend will be having the kids home for the weekend and we will be cooking a ham and all the trimmings for Easter dinner.

Happy Easter Everyone!!

The Handler said Apr 8, 2009
Oooooh! The dreaded 3-0! Lol.....that's nothing, you young chick you! Enjoy that free meal and all the festivities!!!

courtreporter said Apr 8, 2009
30, you're still a baby. Hell, I am hitting the bad one in December.


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