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PN - Coupon Contest

April 6-12 Contest Winner Announced
courtreporter said Apr 13, 2009
Time for this week's contest (April 13-19, 2009):
For this week's contest   First Prize will be 250 PN points.    
Second place will receive:    A coupon package with $100 in random manufacturer's coupons and a FPC.  To enter this contest post one of your favourite coupon links posted by one of our members in the Coupon Forum.         
There will be two winners randomly drawn by Research Randomizer.  There is a maximum of 1 entry per person per contest.  I, of course, will not be entered into this contest.  The contest will start now and end April 19, 2009 at midnight.   
April 6-13 Contest Entrants are:
1.   The Handler
2.   Nutty Nelly
3.   Snowlady
4.   Nicjosem
5.   Moveablerainbow
6.   Silverweave
7.   Curious Kitty
8.   Mohitto
9.   Sleo84
10. Fichter
11. Whuang
12.  Purdy
13.  Wghutton
14.  NikyK
15.  Emilyb
16.  Casperinbc
Here is a picture of the Easter Basket.  Now I am not the most artistic person around, but I did my best.  lol.  Also, the basket will contain various coupons, including FPC's and B1G1 free coupons.  There is more to add to the basket than what is seen in the pic.  Picked up some other stuff after I did the basket. 
  Research Randomizer Results
1 Set of 2 Unique Numbers Per Set
Range: From 1 to 16 -- Unsorted Job Status:      
Set #1: 5, 16  
FIRST PLACE GOES TO Moveablerainbow
SECOND PLACE GOES TO - Casperinbc            

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fichter said Apr 13, 2009
Congratulations Moveablerainbow and Casperinbc. The basket looks great!!!

emilyb said Apr 13, 2009
Wow! What a nice prize! Congrats :)

This week I'm nominating JeRawr's post with a BOGO Blizzard coupon. I could go for a blizzard right now :)

nicjosemm said Apr 13, 2009
My fav is the same as emilyb, BOGO bizzard yummy!

Mohitto said Apr 13, 2009
Wow! Beautiful basket, that looks like it was a lot of fun to make! I love making baskets.
For this week, I choose the swiffer coupons, posted by SnowLady

emailuser_31412 said Apr 13, 2009
The basket looks very nice good job.

SnowFlakey said Apr 13, 2009
This week, i also choose the Swiffer Coupons by SnowLady

casperinbc said Apr 13, 2009
Congrats Rainbow, woohoo:)

Thank you very much Kim, this basket looks awesome, woohoo, I can't wait to get it:)  I am so excited:)

Thank you all for the nice comments:)

Most of all thank you very much Kim for the contest:)

casperinbc said Apr 13, 2009
I'm just a little confused, per usual, lol. For the coupon we pick, does it need to be recent one that is posted?

The Handler said Apr 14, 2009
Congrats ladies!!!!!!!!!!! The basket looks awesome Kim:D

My pick is for the BOGO Harvey's Mushroom Melt that Casper posted:


Any time I can get a free or bogo hamburger, I'm happy!

courtreporter said Apr 14, 2009

quote by casperinbc:
I'm just a little confused, per usual, lol. For the coupon we pick, does it need to be recent one that is posted?

lol, you're just like me, Liz, you confuse easily.  No, it can be any post. 

casperinbc said Apr 14, 2009
I pick Snowlady Swifter Coupons as I really need these items. I still haven't had a chance to buy them but maybe this time:)


whuang said Apr 14, 2009
Congrats to the winners for last week! The gift basket looks so nice!

For this week's contest, one of my favorite coupon links is:
Michaels - Save 40% off any 1 regular priced item (posted by courtreporter).

You can save quite a bit if you need something from Michaels.

fichter said Apr 15, 2009
Sandy - I voted for Qwilson - hope he wins. I see we can vote everyday - I'll try to go back and few times and give him a little boost.

I think I like the Swiffer Coupons - Swiffer Refills, Swiffer Starter Kit, Duster, Sweepervac, Dust & Shine posted by Snowlady.   These coupons offer significant savings: $3-$6.


JanuaryGirl said Apr 15, 2009
Swiffer Coupons posted by Snowlady. Great for pet owners!


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