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PN Coupon Blog - archived 2008-09

Bumped: Jan 5, 2009
courtreporter said May 29, 2009
June 4, 2009
Here are some great coupon picks from our PN members.
thumb_21212_1243483765.gifOne of my personal favourites, the P&G Brandsaver coupons are back again.  Thanks so much to Quepon for giving us the heads up on this.  http://www.pricenetwork.ca/deal/Bra...o_6-233982.html
DanActive: Help strengthen your body's defenses*
Another coupon from save.ca.  Save $2 on DanActive Probiotic drinks.  Thanks to Jaykayell for posting this one.  http://www.pricenetwork.ca/deal/Dan..._00-235031.html
forum_896.gifAnother save.ca coupon to save $2 off the Gillette 2 in 1 body wash.  Thanks again to Jaykayell for posting this.  http://www.pricenetwork.ca/deal/Gil..._00-234779.html
thumb_21212_1244032058.gifI have never been to Jack Astor's so I am not too sure what the food is like, but if you sign up with them you will receive a $10 coupon.  Thanks to Quepon for posting this.
ORANGE JULIUS Don't forget that on June 19 it is FREE LIGHT
 SMOOTHIE DAY.  Print the coupon and bring it with you to receive your FREEBIE.  Thanks to Uwoncacn for posting this. http://www.pricenetwork.ca/deal/Bri...igh-234878.html

Another save.ca from Jaykayell.  Thanks, J.  This is to receive $1 off Elastoplast bandaids.  http://www.pricenetwork.ca/deal/Ela..._00-234629.html


Here is a printable coupon to save $1 off any order over $4.  It is a printable coupon.  Thanks to Quepon for posting this one.  http://www.pricenetwork.ca/deal/Bas...ore-234376.html

That's it for today.  There are many more great coupons posted in the coupon forum.  Check it out to see what's there.

May 29, 2009
Well, here we go again.  Back on track now.  Here are some of the deals to use coupons with. 
forum_629.gifRoyal Bathroom tissue (2ply 24 roll, Double 12 roll or Supreme 9 roll) is on sale for 5.99.  You can use the save.ca save $1 coupon.  http://www.save-beta.com/english/coupons.php
forum_627.gifRoyale Bathroom Tissue (30 rolls) is on sale for 4.97.  Use the save.ca coupon to save $1.
Dove Bar soap, 2 pack, is on sale for $1.50.  If you have the coupons that are apparently out there to save $3 when you buy any two Dove products, you could get two of these for free.   I don't have these so I am not sure where to get them.
forum_640.gifThe Kelloggs Special K bars are on sale for 1.99.  Use the buy 2 and save $1 Cash for Kids coupons on these.  If you still have the buy 2 and save $2, I think you might be able to use those also.
thumb_11780_1243544436.gifEggo Waffles are on sale for $2.  Use the save $1 coupons that were in the booklets.
The Cracker Barrell Cuts Cheese is on sale for $3.  Use the save.ca coupons to save $2.  If you don't have them yet, try ordering them today and you may get them before the sale ends.  It works out to be an excellent price for them. 
forum_645.gifThe Dove 2 pk of soap is on sale here also for 1.47.  Use those buy 2 and save $3 coupons on these too. 
forum_762.gifThe Glade Air Freshener Spray is on sale for 2 for $2.  They look like they have some nice scents.   If you happen to have any of the B1G2 Free on any Glade product, and have two of them, you would end up getting four of them for .50 cents each. 
Kelloggs Raisin Bran, Corn Flakes and All Bran are on sale for 2.49  Use the Cash for Kids coupons to save $1 when you buy 2 or use the buy 2 and save $2 coupons. 
That's all I can find for now.  Please share any coupon deals that you might find. 

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The Handler said Dec 16, 2008
Thanks Kim! Can't wait to see what you come up with:D I already like what you do with the Shoppers ads and our coupons so I'm looking forward to this!

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