jacksteve said Aug 30, 2009
Given out at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto on August 29/09.
Go to www.lunchmatecity.com and enter the code below at the Lunchmate City Bank to receive 5 free Lunchmate Bucks:
Other info:
Every package of Schneiders Lunchmate, Smartlunch, Smartsnax has a unique code redeemable for Lunchmate Bucks.
Once you have collected enough Lunchmate Bucks in your account, shop in the Lunchmate City Store. (Free Shipping & Handling)
You must be a member of Lunchmatecity.com in order to redeem this code for 5 Lunchmate Bucks.

jaykayell said Aug 30, 2009
Thanks for the post.

mandeeBN said Sep 2, 2009
thanks-my son will love this!

jacksteve said Sep 5, 2009

quote by mandeeBN:
thanks-my son will love this!

You're quite welcome. Enjoy!


NoFixedAddress said Sep 5, 2009
:) :) :)

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