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Atlantian said Mar 18, 2007
Hi all,

Right now I am between jobs, and of course as everyone knows the bills keep coming and expenses (even as much as one cuts back) still need to be paid.

Right now I am looking for work, and one of the jobs I am being considered for is actually the one that I want. The pay, benefits, and vacation time are all okay. The problem is that this job doesn’t start for over two months, so I need to find some temporary work until then.

Does any one know of any websites for temporary work. The “work today, get paid today” type of work? Just to be completely clear, I am not looking for under the table work, I am looking for legal (as in pay your taxes) type of work.

A few years ago I heard an ad on the radio for a company that has this “work today, get paid today” setup, and I even went to their website, which I found interesting. The problem is that I didn’t write down the website address, and now that I actually need something like that, and I am kicking myself for note making a note about that.

Any way, any help or information would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advanced.

BillD said Mar 18, 2007
Try contacting any of the temp agencies near you. Depending on what you can do, they may be able to fill your entire time. Is this job you are being considered for a sure thing?

BinaryWhisper said Mar 18, 2007
I 2nd the temp agencies thing. I've done it and so has my wife although most of them pay weekly. I've hired day laborers before but darn if I can remember the name of the company. It's one of those places you drive by first thing in the morning. That pays cash each day. The local Chamber of Commerce normally can point you in the right direction. Manpower has a temp service department as well.

mai_z said Mar 20, 2007
I... 3rd the temp agency idea? where in Toronto do you live? maybe we can point you in the right direction

coolmodee said Mar 20, 2007
You can play Moola.com and earn some cash if you are good at the game(s).
Free to sign-up, so you have nothing to lose.

PM for invite.

Atlantian said Mar 20, 2007
Thanks for the replies everyone. As it turns out things worked out, and it looks like I might not need the temp work after all. I haven't decided yet, but I will see how busy I am.

In any case, it is always good to have a handy list of temp work places for those who need it, and the way the economy is now, job security is rare indeed.

@coolmodee Interesting, very interesting. I will have to take a look at that when I have time, and thanks for the offer for the invite. I'll definitely give this a serious look.

coolmodee said Mar 20, 2007
Don't expect to win to much cash, but if you are hanging around the internet all day, you might as well try and earn more cash.

You can also try playing netwinner.com ... but most of their prices are $25 gift cards and not cash.
I think http://www.winzy.com/ is similar, but I am not a member.

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