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Knorr - FREE Knorr Sidekicks Salt & Pepper Shakers ****NOW AVAILABLE AGAIN****

See post for details
Bumped: Mar 31, 2010 .
boobles said Feb 24, 2010
Everyone remembers the dejected shaker, Salty?  Well Knorr has the salt and pepper shakers available to order again!  It will take approx 12 -16 weeks to get, but they are so cute!

You just need three Knorr Sidekicks UPC's, and the GST # from your receipt.  You order it online - no need to send anything in.  It says on the web order form that you can order a max. of 5 sets per order. 

Quick tip:  if you enter the store name, then enter the GST# you may get an error message saying "please enter valid GST code".  Just switch the store name to "other".  Your order will go through and you will receive an e-mail confirmation when your order is processed.



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RonNasty said Feb 2, 2010
I was intrigued until I saw the S&H cost. :(

jaykayell said Feb 2, 2010

quote by RonNasty:
I was intrigued until I saw the S&H cost. :(

I agree with you, too bad the S&H is so high

KangaMom said Feb 2, 2010
I actually may look into getting these. Even though the shipping makes it retail-priced, I loved the commercials and me and my 6 year-old always called each other every time we heard the first few strums of the music. Thanks for the cool post!

sillygyrl8 said Feb 3, 2010
i always wanted those guys... they're so cute! and I eat sidekicks anyways - usually dinner or on camping trips...

S&H is a little high but i'll just assume its for shipping fragile shipping item *shrugs*

seraphimjb said Feb 4, 2010
Yeah, I was in the store today and bought sidekicks anyways- the S&H is high, but they are so cute! I'm debating on whether or not I should get these....

23edge said Feb 4, 2010
S&H is no big deal... I think the shakers are cute and would love to have them

Nightstalker said Feb 16, 2010
I am contemplating getting these. Although the S&H is a deterrent.

bfpazza said Feb 26, 2010
Knorr sidekick salt and pepper shakers was a huge marketing scam. The FREE shakers are $14.99 + $7.99 shipping and handling and that is after you buy 3 packages of product. Then they didn't have enough of the the shakers to fill even a nominal amount of orders. Alls they did was get consumers to buy a ton of the product without much of a chance of getting what was offered. People should return the product and not buy anymore. Hit them where it hurts them. In the pocketbook.

jaykayell said Feb 27, 2010
I think that you have misread the offer. You can buy them for $14.99 OR buy 3 Sidekicks products and get them free. In either situation you have to pay $7.29 shipping and handling. I wouldn't say that this is a marketing scam, but it certainly is a marketing strategy. Looks to me like the offer was more popular than they anticipated, and they have ordered more. Where do you see it said that folks won't get them?

bfpazza said Feb 28, 2010
If you go to the order site at Knorr you will see they do not have any of the shakers in stock. They never once said they had such a short supply of them until the orders started coming in. And it was on their site....Free Shakers then $14.99 with the 3 upc codes. After reading your reply it is obvious you either 1 work for Knorr or 2 did not do any looking into this before your reply.

bfpazza said Feb 28, 2010
And furthermore if you have gone on any other consumer sites you will see an overwhelming outrage to the responses from Knorr on how they are dealing with this. And on no other site, not even the Knorr site is it mentioned they are making more available. Funny how there are replies like yours popping up on any site where people are expressing outrage at Knorrs marketing scam. Bad spin if you ask me.

jaykayell said Feb 28, 2010
It has always been that these were free with 3 UPC plus shipping. If someone wanted to order them without the proofs of purchase, then they could for price of $14.99 plus shipping.

Too funny if you think that I work for Knorr, which I don't. Maybe folks are upset that they ran out of them so quickly, but that happens all the time with freebies not just this one. It happened last year with the Bluewater promotions. Sometimes, demand does exceed a companys estimation of how popular a promotion will be.  I do see where they are saying they are sold out.

Go ahead and express your outrage on this thread. The pros and cons are welcomed parts of any thread discussion.

boobles said Feb 28, 2010
I just went onto the Knorr.ca website, and there is a post saying that the salt and pepper shakers are no longer available. "Salty is sold out" it says when you click on the link. I guess this means that the 10,000 units they had are sold out. I used 3 UPC codes from packages, ordered a pair and paid just for the shipping. I received my confirmation e-mail with the expected delivery date of 12-16 weeks. I just checked my CC and I was charged the right amount, so if I don't receive anything within the time frame, you will all hear about it!

Bfpazza - welcome to our close-knit PN community! You seem to have some pretty strong feelings about the Knorr offer - the wording used on the offer was "$14.99 per set OR yours FREE with the purchase of 3 Sidekicks products!*". The asterisk means you still have to pay $7.49 for S & H, regardless of whether or not you are paying $14.99 or getting them free with the UPC codes. I checked consumer sites and other freebie sites for complaints about the shakers and they all had to do with the shipping cost, how fast these things sold out, and the GST code not being accepted (which was remedied by using "other" in the box). Are these the comments you are referring to? Free with * doesn't really mean free. But...if I had seen a post saying that a consumer was charged the wrong amount, or that their money was taken but they never received the shakers, I would not bother with ordering. I know your concerns are well-intended, and we all look out for each other at PN!

Trying to clarify what could be a misread or misinterpretation does not mean that you work for "the company" - those types of comments aren't necessary here. I'll keep you all posted re: the delivery of my shakers! Be well, everyone!

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