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Disney Movie Rewards - "Easter Egg Hunt" - 100 Free Points

Play the Easter Egg Hunt and enter four bonus words worth 100 DMR points .
druid said Apr 8, 2009

Collect up to 100 bonus points!

1. Visit these web pages and use the clues to find words.

2. Log on to DisneyMovieRewards.com and go to the "Enter Codes" page.

3. Enter each correct word separately -- just like a Magic Code -- to collect your bonus points!

To make things easier: :)

What is the first name of the character who offers you a Star Catcher game? (10 points)

Identify the devastating power that Bolt possesses. (15 points)

Which Space Buddies character says, "My mission is to see how much food a dog needs in space."? (25 points)

Chloe says it's not easy to find a mate with what item? (50 points)

SnowFlakey said Apr 8, 2009

nutty_nelly said Apr 8, 2009
What? Druid posting freebies?? What's this world coming to? :D What happened to your radio station loyalty program obsession, man? :)

GamerRoy said Apr 8, 2009
thanks for the info

druid said Apr 9, 2009

quote by nutty_nelly:
What? Druid posting freebies?? What's this world coming to? :D What happened to your radio station loyalty program obsession, man? :)

OMG, nutty_nelly!  I haven't seen you since you picked OMNI clean of all its Magnotta and Dessert Lady gift certificates! ;)

FYI, this is my first new thread -- I spent several minutes looking for the link/button to create it before realizing that "Share Freebie" wasn't a label, lol.  It was time to branch out -- earning 1-point tips for replying in the loyalty program threads just wasn't going to cut it under this new PN points system. :P

nutty_nelly said Apr 9, 2009
Ahh.. a strategic change of game plan.. I see! I took a bit of a hiatus from PN, trying to have a life, a baby, that sort of thing, but who can really stay away from this FREEBIE INSANITY?? :D Not me!

Hahaha, I cannot believe you still remember those Magnotta and Dessert Lady GCs!!! :D Those were some good times... BTW, I still have a few bottles of Magnotta wine if you want to come over and brag about how you snatched up that Rocky DVD collection (did you ever let klimovt-whatever have that one?) and the George Harrison CD that I missed by a split second!! :D

druid said Apr 9, 2009
nutty_nelly: I haven't even opened those Rocky and George Harrison sets, lol -- man that was a long time ago! I've had plenty of other DVDs and CDs to go through in the meantime (or not go through, given how much shrinkwrap I can see on my shelves ;)).

You still have bottles of wine left?? What happened, run out of desserts to wash them down with? :D I'll PM you my updated stash of goodies sometime to see if you want to swap. ;)

nutty_nelly said Apr 9, 2009
Yeah, I've had to cut back on the desserts.. trying to get rid of some flubber :(
Hey, you know if those cds are just sitting there collecting dust, I'd be happy to take the George Harrison one off your hands, plus it's my birthday this Saturday, wink wink :D Just kidding... maybe :D

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